Refresh Your Closet!

Refresh Your Closet!

Refresh Your Closet for Spring!


It’s that time again!! Time to update and refresh your closet for spring. Here’s your game plan:

(Try this on your own or give me a call and I will do it for you! Print out this handy job list, grab a cold glass of lemonade, turn on your favorite music and have fun!)

1.       Purge: Set aside 2 hours to go through your closet and weed out clothes that no longer make an impact to your wardrobe.  Weed out anything that is outdated, worn or out of season.  Donate or consign anything you don’t enjoy wearing.  I would rather you have 7 good outfits in your closet that you love and can mix and match regularly than 20 outfits that you hate! Purge, purge, purge! 

2.       Closet Flip: One way to see what items you wear on a regular basis is to flip the hangers backwards.  Each time you wear a piece; flip the hanger back so it is facing forward.  By the end of one month you should be able to see what items you wear on a regular basis and which items are no longer your favorite pieces.

3.       Categorize:  Make sure all your clothes are grouped together by color.  This will make it so much easier to get ready in the morning.  Also keep clothes organized together by weight.   For instance, keep all the long sleeve shirts together and the lighter weight shirts together too.

4.       Donate: If you don’t love it, donate or consign.  Set up a bag in your closet to place any items you don’t feel absolutely fabulous in! At the en d of every month take the bag to your local consignment store or drop off at Goodwill.   Your discarded items will make someone else happy!

5.       Shopping List: As you organize your closet keep in mind any items you need to add to your shopping list.  Get ready to shop!

6.       Outfits: Call me on this one!  I can help you put together some amazing outfits using clothing you already have in your closet.  I will even create a photo book so you will always be prepared!  Simply flip through your photo book in the morning when getting dressed and you will be dressed, accessorized and put together in no time!

I can’t wait to work with you and help you refresh your closet for spring.  Congratulations on your newly organized closet!  Doesn’t it feel nice to walk into a super organized closet full of items you will love and will wear?!!  Cheers!

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