Rain, Rain Go Away!

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Rain, Rain Go Away!

clear umbrella

Well we have definitely had our share of rain this spring season!  Not that we are complaining… We definitely needed it here in North Texas… However, it has made dressing cute a little bit of a challenge, not to mention adding quite a bit of humidity and moisture to our hairstyles!


Need a few tips for being stylish in the rain?

Invest in a nice rain parka. Be sure to stay away from super bright “Easter Egg” colored jackets and instead select a color in one of your neutrals.  Think: Blue, Brown, Grey, Tan or perhaps a dark red.  Stay away from anything too bright!

For extra style, try to look for a jacket that has a figure flattering shape instead of being boxy.  Raincoat material tends to be really stiff so this can be a challenge.  Try to locate a jacket with a slight waist.  This can be accomplished by a drawstring side.

Rain boots or Wellies:  Again, keep the colors in your color palette.  Look for subtle patterns and stay away from “cutesy” designs.  Solid or subtle patterns are best.  Find a cute pair and you just might look forward to our next thunderstorm.

coach rainboots

Umbrella:  A clear umbrella can look chic and not detract from your outfit.  Think clear, clean lines.  Nothing too bright or patterned.  You don’t want to distract from that amazing trench coat!

Kate Spade, Amazon and Longchamp all have fabulous clear umbrella choices to keep you dry and fashionable!!



Rain boots

-Kelly Zinke

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