Q and A with Elaine – Accessories

Q and A with Elaine – Accessories

We hope you enjoyed last month’s Q. and A. session with Elaine. We join Elaine this month to hear about her favorite accessories and tap into the style guru’s secrets to pulling everything together.

Q: What tips can you offer for selecting accessories?

A: Accessories add zing to an outfit. An outfit without accessories is like a mouthwatering entree without seasonings. Decorating your clothing with the right accent pieces creates a wow factor, instantly adding pizzazz and spice!

Sometimes I plan my outfit for the day around my favorite necklace.

I have a variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets in my best colors; this way my accessories are in sync with my clothes.

Q: What about bracelets? Should we still continue to layer and pile them on?

A: Yes! I am seeing a strong trend towards stacking multiple pieces as well as large accent pieces. Once, again think “layers” and wear multiple small bracelets or one large piece.

Q: Where is your favorite place to shop for accessories?

A: I love the thrill of the hunt! My husband loves to buy me high quality pieces that I love and cherish. But for my casual wear, it’s fun to pick up inexpensive items. I mix the quality with cheap.

Body Central Bracelet

Image courtesy of: Body Central

For me, I shop for accessories everywhere from Nordstrom and Francesca’s to Compass Trading Company. There are also several fabulous trunk shows, such as Stella & Dot that provide perfect on-line and catalog shopping.

Buy good quality but remember accessories can be an inexpensive way to change your entire wardrobe! I have seen Kelly and Lauren in some adorable pieces from inexpensive stores such as Body Central or Express. Kelly came in the other day with an adorable set of brown stretch bead bracelets she bought on sale for under $5 at Body Central. While these bracelets may be almost disposable, the price makes it fun to spice up an outfit!

Q: What other accessories do you enjoy wearing?

A: Oblong scarves are still a fun way to add pattern and interest to a solid blouse. We are seeing slim scarves this winter.

Q: Lastly, what about shoes and hosiery?

A: This winter opaque hosiery (tights) and leggings are on-trend. Wear them with most shoes and boots. Even for a dinner event, the tights are current… not so much for Black Tie events. Boots of all heights and heel shapes are great. Wear “over-the-calf” or “over-the-knee” boots with tights, jeggings and skinny pants.

Thank you, Elaine! We look forward to hearing your top “Must Have Items” for spring in our February newsletter!

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