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Moisturize Your Skin!

Pretty Face

  InStyle Magazine recently offered 3 quick tips to keep your skin in tip-top shape for your fresh spring “natural look”.  We love their simple tips and wanted to offer a few more!

  1. Temperature: Use warm, not hot water to gently cleanse your face. Always remember how delicate the skin is on your face and take extra precautions to treat it with care.  Use a soft wash cloth, we recommend our gentle chamois cloth to provide a through and yet gentle clean.
  2. Toner: Stay away from any alcohol-based toners. For this very reason we love our water-based Hydrating, Papaya and Oil Defense Toners. They are thorough yet gentle to help balance the PH in your skin.  Gently swipe a few drops of this toner on a cotton pad and wipe your face with toner after you cleanse.  It really does make a difference!
  3. Moisturizer: Everyone’s skin is a little different so be sure you are using the right moisturizer for your skin tone.  In the warm weather most people switch to a lighter day and/or night moisturizer. You want your skin moisturized but not too oily and you also want to be sure your moisturizer has the anti-aging properties your skin craves! Remember an ounce of protection now will save your skin later! Confused about which moisturizer you need?  Schedule a makeup update with us and we will be happy to discuss skin care as well as makeup!
  4. Cleaning: Just as you need to cleanse your skin morning and evening is just as important to clean your makeup brush.  Don’t let your brushes harbor harmful bacteria!  We don’t want your skin care routine to be sabotaged by a dirty foundation brush.  Once a week, it is important to rinse your foundation brush in mild liquid soap.  For extra sensitive skin you can use a few drops of your facial cleanser in a cup of hot water.   For any other brushes you don’t want to completely submerge so try spritzing a few drops of our brush cleanser.  Follow by swirling your brush on a paper towel to remove any traces of persistent makeup.

These four simple steps will help you on your way to glowing natural skin this spring!!!

Shopping List for your convenience:

  1. Chamois Cloth
  2. Toner- for your skin type
  3. Moisturizer- for your skin type
  4. Facial Cleanser-for your skin type
  5. Makeup Brush Cleanser
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