Prep and Prime

Prep and Prime

If you find your makeup wearing off throughout the day or it just not looking as clean and polished as you would like? You need to add a Primer to your makeup routine. Primers exist to set your makeup without it falling into your pores and fine lines. It’s the secret ingredient that acts like a glue to make your cosmetics smooth and long-lasting.

We offer several primers for different skin types, the face and eyes. For the more oily skin types, we suggest our Pore Perfecting Primer. It helps quickly smooth skin texture and reduce the look of pores and fine lines. This product is to be worn on the face and not the eyes and can be worn alone or with makeup. For more dry or combination skin, we suggest the Retexturizing Face Primer. This is a nearly weightless serum that reflects light for a dewy look and diminishes imperfections to even skin tone and smooth skin. There is a UV protectant included to help fight sun damage.

Stoltz Image offers two different primers for our eye shadow fanatics! Our Botanical Shadow Primer soothes the eye and creates a smooth, crease-resistant look for a long-lasting shadow. Then, our Shadow Primer is a light-weight eye shadow primer that locks the shadow’s pigment in place for an all day wear.

The trick to applying primers is to not use too much and blend it into the skin. A penny-sized amount is just the right amount. Dot the primer onto each cheek, the nose, the forehead, and gently massage into the skin. Let sit and absorb into the skin for five minutes. Just enough time to start on your hair when getting ready or to re-fill your coffee cup!

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