Plump your Skin, Fight Wrinkles and Be Beautiful!

Plump your Skin, Fight Wrinkles and Be Beautiful!

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Skin Care: PepToxyl

Everything you wanted to know about PepToxyl…

It’s so much easier to prevent wrinkles than to fight them. We have found the perfect solution to target wrinkles and plump your skin. In fact, our PepToxyl line has peptides in each product, which is one of the same ingredients found in Botox. Many of our clients use PepToxyl to help prolong the effects of Botox and many use it as a first step before trying Botox.

So do you want to learn more?

Here is the scoop:

Pep Toxyl is a two-in-one, non-toxic formula that smoothes and reduces lines and wrinkles, while promoting lasting improvement to skin texture. Injection-free, technologically advanced formula contains the latest in peptide technology: a combination of two peptides that work synergistically, inhibiting muscle contractions while simultaneously increasing collagen and elastin production.

Features & Benefits:

  • A daily treatment that mimics Botox and is non-toxic
  • Results within approximately 8 weeks of consistent use: 45% reduction in wrinkle depth; 19.5% improvement in skin tone; 16% improvement in lifting
  • Helps prevent collagen and elastin breakdown for firmer, more resilient skin
  • Paraben-free

Try it! I think you will be blown away with the results.

We offer an entire line of PepToxyl products to improve the appearance of your skin.

Tune in tomorrow for a blog about the benefits of Retinol A… much less expensive than cosmetic procedures! You are on your way to skin improvement! How is your skin looking now?


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