Pleated Pants for Men

Pleated Pants for Men

My husband and I are always in a constant squabble over pleated pants for men.  He loves them and thinks they are the most comfortable option, and I think they are not appropriate for his age and that they kill his fashionability rating.  And, as an image consultant, my husband’s fashionability rating is definitely something that is constantly on my mind.

Here is my take on pleated pants: They definitely have their place in the world of fashion, but men need to be more selective about their pleated pants and follow some guidelines.

Guideline #1: Pleated pants are acceptable for men’s suiting.  Men’s suits look dressier when they are paired with pleated pants rather than flat front pants.  If the goal is to look professional, select pleated pants, no matter what your age.  If the goal is to look fashionable and ultra-current, select a suit with flat front pants.

Guideline #2: Young men should avoid casual pleated pants and shorts, as they make them look too old and not current.  However, they are still acceptable for more mature men.

Guideline #3: Make sure that you purchase your pleated pants in a large enough size so that the pleats do not pull at all.  Pleats for men have gotten a bad name because many men purchase their pants too small, causing their pleats to create an unattractive focal point on their stomach and hips.  (Just be aware that the same problem can occur with flat front pants.  Make certain that your pants are the correct size!)

Now that I have my guidelines outlined, I just need to convince my husband to abide by rules.  What is your take on pleated pants?

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