Penny-Pinching Tip: Focus on Your Dark Neutral

Penny-Pinching Tip: Focus on Your Dark Neutral

It is time to start planning your fall wardrobe, and this year, more than ever, everyone’s number one concern is budget.  We all want to know how we can look our best without breaking the bank.

A great penny-pinching tip is to focus your fall wardrobe on your best dark neutral.  Some of the most common and easiest to find dark neutrals are black, gray, brown, and camel.  If you buy all of your fall wardrobe basics in your best dark neutral, you can then purchase a few mix and match focal pieces (like striking jackets and tops) to bring in a pop of color.

Here are some of the perks of focusing on your dark neutral for fall:

  • No one ever remembers exactly what a dark neutral piece looks like.  If you have a few great dark neutral pieces and some cute, current, and colorful items (like jackets, blouses, and accessories), you can simply trade out your fun items each day and then wear the same staple dark neutral items over and over.
  • Getting dressed in the morning will be a breeze.  When all of your clothes coordinate with your dark neutral items, you will be able to eliminate the worries of matching your clothing and the stresses of creating new outfits.  With a variety of dark neutral and accent pieces, your entire wardrobe can mix and match, and all of your pieces will work effortlessly together.
  • If all of your clothes coordinate with one great dark neutral, you will not have to purchase shoes, purses, and all other accessories in more than one color.  You can simply buy them in the same shade as your dark neutral or in a contrasting color, and think about all the time you will save in the morning without having to swap out purses!

Here are some great tips on getting the most out of your dark neutral purchases:

  • Buy quality basics so that they will last all season.  If you pay a little more up front for a great product, you will not have to replace it halfway through the season, and you will be able to wear it several times a week without worrying about the item wearing out.
  • Purchase tops (like shells and camisoles) and bottoms (like skirts and pants) in your dark neutral to create a monochromatic bodysuit.  Then, you can simply swap out accessories, jackets, and layering blouses for a variety of different looks.

Want help shopping for your best dark neutral?  Call Stoltz Image today to schedule a personal shopping appointment.

Not sure what your best dark neutral is?  Call Stoltz Image today to make an appointment with Elaine or a Stoltz Image Consultant for a color analysis.  Not only will you find out your best dark neutral, but you will be given a customized color fan full of fabrics that accentuate your best features and make you feel fabulous.

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