Pairing Colors, Pairing Pieces

Pairing Colors, Pairing Pieces

If you viewed the fashion coming down the runways for Spring/Summer 2018 you might have noticed colors that you think of wearing in winter such as jewel tones and deep brights. There were of course soft pastels and the classic white and black combination but the color lines associated with seasons were undeniably blurred.


What does this mean for you? There are no rules to be broken; everything is fair game. The color possibilities are endless.


On the other hand, color pairing can seem tricky. That’s why I’ve created a color guide to help you explore new mixes this year. I’ve listed color couplings ranging in flavors from daring to sublime.


Ready to have some fun? Go through this list of color couplings and make a note of every single combo you like.


Color Couplings

Pumpkin and purple

Silver gray and a purple/blue

Acid yellow and purple

Lipstick red over denim blue

Midnight and white


Gray and orange sherbet

Light blue and clay gray

Avocado green and khaki tan

Hot pink and tangy orange

White and cement gray


Latte and espresso

Tan and mushroom gray

Cotton candy pink and charcoal

Steel blue and bronze

Butterscotch and white


Lipstick red and black

Blue and fuchsia

Acid green and bright sky blue

Khaki green and custard yellow

Stone and cloud blue


Soft pink and bright yellow

Navy and periwinkle blue

Pink and yellow

Red and blue

Purple and red


Coral and camel

Yellow and green

White and cherry red

Turquoise and coral

Charcoal and powder blue



Orange and neon blue

Leaf green and chambray blue

Pale yellow and light taupe

Blush and periwinkle

Aqua and leaf green

What comes next?

With your favorite color combos in mind, let’s move on to combining separates. Separates made a big showing this year in unusual layering and pairing. To take some of the guesswork out of pairing pieces, here is a list of clothing combinations. In this list you’ll find classic mixes and some that are more edgy.


Just like you did with the list of color couplings go through this list of clothing combos. As you visualize them, note the pairings that excite you.


Clothing combinations

Oversized blouse and ankle pant

Dress over pants

Shirt with knee length shirts

Full skirt and cap sleeved top

Sweater and palazzo pants


Blazer and feminine dress

T-shirt and overalls

Trench coat and lean pant

Bomber jacket and jumpsuit

Cowboy shirt and pencil skirt


Biker jacket and slip dress

Spaghetti strap slip dress over blouse

Jumpsuit and ankle wrap flat

Caftan and collared necklace

Knit sweater over satin pants


Pantsuit and pumps

Cropped pant with utility jacket

Below the knee skirt and Mary Jane shoes

Wide leg pants and fitted jacket

Shirtdress with oxfords


Are you ready to turn your favorite color couplings and clothing combos into outfits for yourself? Bring these notes of your favorites with you when you go shopping for spring fashion. Or better yet, give me a call and we’ll do this next step together. Schedule your color analysis today and we can help you find the best Spring colors for you!

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