Finally No More….. “Oh you look tired comments.”

Finally No More….. “Oh you look tired comments.”

Skincare solutions, part 1.

Skin Care: Oil Defense Cleanser

Skin Care: Oil Defense Cleanser

Do you ever feel like you have a multitude of steps in your skin care regimen? Why the heck are we even supposed to wear eye cream?? Do you often ask this question after hitting step 26 of your skin car routine? Well, I am here to simplify your life and make skincare simple. You don’t need 26 steps, you just need to know the right products to target your skin type and be able to cater to your skin’s needs.

Stay tuned each day for a new skin care tip.

Step 1: Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. Whatever you do, please do not go to bed with your makeup on! Your skin needs to rejuvenate, breathe and renew itself while you are sleeping, so no more leaving on foundation while you sleep!

Skin Care: Papaya Enzyme Cleanser

Skin Care: Papaya Enzyme Cleanser

Finding the perfect cleanser to will help balance the pH value of your skin is imperative. Your cleanser should be targeted to your skin type. What is your major skin complaint? Do you have oily skin or dry thirsty skin? Or even skin that can’t make up its mind and is oily in spots and dry in others?

If you don’t know for sure, please come in for a complimentary consult with me and I will help you determine what type of skin you have. We all need to know our skin type in order to pamper it properly. Remember, skin can change with the seasons, so sometimes someone with oily skin in the summer may end up with dry skin in the winter, so it’s always good to have an expert opinion.

Ok, so now that you have determined what you skin needs:

Whether it is dry and needs moisture

Or oily and needs a deep cleanse

Or even a tricky mixture of both…

It’s time to make sure you are using the correct product to balance out your skin.

I recommend the Oil Defense Cleanser for oil prone skin and the Papaya Enzyme Scrub for dry skin. The Foaming Facial Wash is perfect for oily to combination skin.

Skin Care: MicroDerm Cleanser

Skin Care: MicroDerm Cleanser

The Micro-Derm Cleanser is great to cleanse and gently exfoliate in one quick step. Told you I would make your life simple! This is a two-in-one product that is quick and easy!

Keep reading for more scoop on each cleanser.

Let’s start with the Micro-Derm cleanser since it is perfect for everyone.

It is a two-in-one cleanser and exfoliator. This gentle yet effective formula contains the same crystals used in professional micro-dermabrasion treatments. Formulated for all skin types.

Features & Benefits:

  • Phospholipids improve hydration
  • Micro-encapsulated, time-released Vitamins A & E delivery system
  • Gentle enough to use day and night

Oil-Defense Cleanser:

Crystal clear cleansing gel with soothing Aloe and Oil-Blotting Extracts.

Papaya Enzyme Cleanser:

”Flash foam” cleanser removes debris and smoothes surface skin. Cucumber and Kiwi Extracts improve circulation.

Foaming Facial Wash:

Skin Care: Foaming Facial Wash

Skin Care: Foaming Facial Wash

Foaming Facial Wash with Skin Balancing Botanicals is a sudsing gel cleanser that loosens and removes impurities and makeup, with the extra foaming action for eliminating excess oils. For oily or combination skin.

It’s easy to order any of these products through our online store at, or simply click on the name of each product in this blog.

I linked everything to make it easier for you.

Ok, so have you selected which type of cleanser you need to target your skin’s needs? When you understand your skin you can treat, pamper and make it glow. Get ready for no more, “Oh you look tired comments!”

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog about the importance of Toner! Feel free to chat with me on Facebook. I love answering your questions.

Until tomorrow, Ciao!



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