New Twist on Men’s Summer Suits

New Twist on Men’s Summer Suits

Take a deep breath, relief from the hot summer days is here.  Men’s summer suits are finally created for the muggy days of summer.

Retails from low to high end are recreating men’s suits to make them much more breathable, lightweight and stylish.  Style is truly available at all price points.

In fact, The New York Times notes:

“As an item, the summer suit didn’t really exist before,” said Alex Badia, the men’s wear editor of Women’s Wear Daily. “There was no such thing, really. Men hated linen because of the way it wrinkles, but fabric mills have started making linen blends with wool or silk that have this great texture and are amazingly lightweight. And designers are finally making suits that are unconstructed and unlined, and that travel well, too. You just fold them up and throw them in a suitcase. I sweat all summer long, but the suit is really a doable thing now.”  New York Times article

So men rejoice.  You can now find a much more tailored look everywhere from J.Crew to Neiman’s.   Men’s summer suits have finally evolved into something men will actually want to wear!  Purge your closets of stuffy wool suits or easily wrinkling linen suits and try on a 2012 summer suit.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Try the new tailored fit.  My suggestions include:




and you might also try H & M for a truly budget friendly yet stylish taste of a new suit.

New Men's Suits

Give it a try! Need some help shopping?  We can help, especially if you hate shopping! 🙂

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