Nail Polish 101

Nail Polish 101

I love to paint my nails and toes, but I was not lucky enough to get great nail genes.  They are thin and break very easily.  A few years ago, someone told me to buy Nail Envy by OPI (I like the Original).  I use it on top of my nail polish and apply a few coats between each nail polish session.  This product has transformed my nails and I now have long, thick fingernails.  An added bonus: it also keeps my nail polish from chipping.

Maybe your problem isn’t weak fingernails, but you just don’t know what color to paint them.  Our clients are always asking us for nail color suggestions.  If you have had a color analysis, you can use the red strips on your color fan to select a nail polish color.  My secret to finding a good everyday nail color is to choose the dullest color on the shelf (that, of course, blends with your color fan).  Then, take it away from the other super bright nail colors to double check that the color is right for you.  The color will look so much nicer and more brilliant away from the over-powering colors, and a subtle color will be much more appealing on your skin than a bright nail polish.

My favorite nail polish colors are OPI “Grand Canyon Sunset” and “Nantucket Mist.”  These colors are great for people with neutral to slightly cool coloring.  Lauren’s favorite nail polish colors are “Hong Kong Sunrise” and “Baguette Me Not,” which are also by OPI and are great for people with slightly warm coloring.  All OPI products can be purchased at Ulta, or visit the OPI website to “try on” nail polish colors electronically.

Don’t forget that our personal shopping service includes selecting fabulous nail polish colors.  Call or email us if you need help!

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