My Weekend Discovery: Belk

My Weekend Discovery: Belk

Casual Clutch from BelkAs an image consultant, I am always looking for new places to shop at a variety of price ranges.  After all, I work with clients from all walks of life and with shopping preferences ranging from Neiman Marcus to TJ Maxx.  So a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that there is a new Belk department store off of I-35 North of Fort Worth, heading to Denton.  I decided to check it out this past weekend because you never know when you might find a little diamond in the rough when it comes to shopping.

Now I don’t have a lot of experience with Belk, but I think that it is fair to say that its reputation hasn’t been favorable.  Most well known as a lower end department store located in small towns, Belk doesn’t even hit the outskirts of most shoppers’ radars.  But, I tried to put my assumptions aside on my shopping adventure, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The new Belk store is exceptionally clean, organized, and shopper friendly.  Belk also carries some really well known brands like BCBG Girls and Ralph Lauren, as well as private label lines.  All in all, my experience was enjoyable.  I ended up purchasing a casual clutch (that I had been hunting for a solid month) and a polo and a pair of shorts (flat-front, of course) for my hubby.  Can you believe that I only spent $73?  And, the rest of the good news is that a brand new Sam Moon just opened up next to Belk.  You can just run across the street to accessorize all your purchases.

Bottom line: worth checking out.

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