My Feet Never Make Me Feel Fat

My Feet Never Make Me Feel Fat

Women and their shoesWhat is it with women and shoes?  They just seem to call to us like chocolate to a chocolate addict. (Actually, come to think about it, shoes lovers often are the chocolate addicts.) But, what is our obsession with adorning our feet?  And why to do we feel the need to fill our closet with racks and racks of fabulous foot fashions.

I will tell you why! You never feel fat when you go shopping for shoes. Your feet don’t change size (well, unless you are pregnant, of course). So, there isn’t that uncomfortable squeezing into a size that you know good and well you haven’t been in at least five months. And, you don’t have to awkwardly ask the sales person for the next size up, wondering if she is wondering if you busted the seams or tore the zipper in the size down.

Shoes don't make you feel fatSo, we stick to shoes on those days that the scale reads a little bit more than we would like it to.  And why shouldn’t we.  Even on days when we don’t feel fabulous, we still deserve to feel beautiful; even if it is only on our feet.

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