Must have… heated eyelash curler

Must have… heated eyelash curler

lash curler

Ok, this is a “must have” for your makeup bag.   Drum-roll please!……. Introducing our innovative heated eyelash curler!  This nifty tool works using the same principle as a traditional curling iron.  It is a mini curling iron for your eyelashes!  The best part is it heats up to just the right temperature.  Not too hot but hot enough to gently curl, without pulling or tugging.  No more clamping or pinching your eyelashes.  Simply curl!

To use, turn on and heat for 30 seconds until the small LED sensor turns from red to yellow.

Next curl the middle lashes first and then move to the lashes on each side.  Brush upward while gently applying heat for 3- 5 seconds.  Next, gently push lashes back at the tip and hold for another 3-5 seconds.  You can move around eyes and gently curl lashes as needed.

Finally apply mascara and you are ready to go!

Curl causes your lashes to look longer and more pronounced.  Try it today!

You can order one online from our online store or stop by the studio and pick one up today!

Image Credits: Blinc lash curler


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