Michelle Obama’s Dress: State of the Union Address

Michelle Obama’s Dress: State of the Union Address

The dress First Lady Michelle Obama wore last night to the State of the Union address, showed off her trim figure.  It beautifully accentuated her silhouette and accented her curves.  The material was shiny and elegant.  It may have been a tad bright for her complexion but it was a fabulous choice, a perfect blend of silk-twill.  The cap sleeves added sophisticated elegance and a classy look that set the  simple sheath dress apart.   The dress was business-like but ultra feminine.  A beautiful break from a traditional suit and skirt look.

Mrs. Obama’s dress made a statement without being obnoxious.  In the sea of black her sapphire blue dress was a welcome burst of color.  The neckline flattered her face shape and showed a bit of skin without being too low.  Her dress was designed by designer, Barbara Tfank.   It was timeless and elegant with a bit of pizzazz with a criss cross cap sleeve and sparkling broch.   I give Mrs. Obama a 10 for last night’s dress choice.  She beautifully blended fashion, business and style with effortless ease.

Mrs. Obamas State of the Union Dress

Mrs. Obama's State of the Union Dress





Credits: Photo from: Newsbird.com

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