Most Common Wardrobe Concerns

Most Common Wardrobe Concerns

Do you identify with any of these wardrobe concerns?

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  • I have a closet full of clothes, yet when I want to look nice, I think I have nothing to wear.
  • I get a panicky feeling when I walk into my closet to find just the right outfit.
  • I sometimes try on three outfits before I go out the door.
  • I spend too much time getting dressed.
  • I spend too much money on clothes that I end up not liking, therefore I don’t wear them.
  • It is easier to buy a new outfit for every important event instead of looking in my closet for the outfit.
  • I have lots of mistakes hanging in my closet.
  • I often apologize for my appearance because I don’t like what I’m wearing.

You are not alone. I hear these concerns all the time from my clients. You cannot just walk in a store, see something your eyes like and assume it is something that will flatter you and will work for all the events you plan to attend throughout the season. You will end up with lots of clothing you personally like to look at but, does not work for you when you go into your closet to select the perfect outfit.
Do you have a favorite item but never figured out what to wear it with? Or none of the clothes in your closet are appropriate to wear to a special event. Even worse, when you put it on to wear one day, you don’t like yourself in it.
You keep buying clothes thinking that sooner or later you will buy something that you will love and want to wear all the time. But think of all the mistakes you have bought waiting for the perfect piece to appear.
It is important for you to be knowledgeable about what looks good on you. You need to know when you look at it on the hanger in the store that it has great possibilities. What are your current needs for your daily activities? It is important to do lots of homework before you go clothes shopping. Evaluate your needs, know what’s in your closet and then make a shopping list. I would love to help you. Call to make an appointment with me so I can recommend an appropriate plan of action to achieve a “wow” wardrobe.

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