More Beauty Tips to Do at Home

More Beauty Tips to Do at Home

I totally understand that we are adjusting our beauty habits while sheltering-in-place. Not being able to go shopping or go for our beauty appointments is hard both physically and mentally. My major advice is to keep a routine. Continue getting up and dressing for the day. Wash your face, put on your skin care treatments, moisturizer and sunscreen. Apply at least minimal makeup such as brow, blush and lips. Fix your hair and put on your leisurewear. You will feel so much better about yourself if you look in the mirror and see a healthy and pretty self. And your housemates will enjoy seeing you looking fabulous. Also, all those friends, family and work associates that you are Facetiming or Zooming with will enjoy your pretty face. I love keeping my daily routine so I do not forget how to do it all and it fills some time also.
For some of you who never had much time in the morning to get dressed because life was so hectic, use the extra time to practice fixing your hair and applying skin care and makeup. Once you have a habit you will do it faster.
Beauty Appointments at Home


The few times I have been given gift certificates for facials, the facialist always tells me my skin is in excellent shape. Therefore I never have facials routinely because using quality skin care treatments is giving myself a facial daily. This is a good time for you to start good habits that will continue forever.  Use a cleanser once a day that contains tiny granules to gently exfoliate your face (Micro-derm Cleanser or Vitamin C Cleanser). Or at least use a stronger exfoliating scrub once a week (Micro-derm Scrub or Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub). Keeping your pores open will prevent clogged pores. Eye creams are a must starting at age 20. At age 35 or 40 you should start using anti-aging serum and moisturizers both day and night. Firming cream and retinol treatment should be added by age 45 or 50.
Cosmetic Makeover: Switch from Winter to Spring

Since you cannot come in for your Spring Makeup Refresher here are some suggestions. Have you kept the makeup sheets I have given you each season? If so, pull them out and reread what I wrote. First, are you doing all the steps I suggested? Are you applying everything in the order written down? Did you forget how to apply the eye shadows?
Now is the time to switch your winter colors to spring/summer colors.  Put away the dark lipsticks and dark shadows. Bring out your lighter and brighter colors. Do you need to reorder them? We can recommend new colors by reviewing your purchase history. Let’s have a conversation on the phone to update everything.
Minimal Makeup

If you are going minimal while at home I highly recommend you at least do the following.

I find that wearing an oil-free liquid foundation over my moisturizer keeps my face cleaner during the day. It is an environmental protection from dirt getting in my pores. A very light coat works fine.Lips: This is a good time to try on all the lipsticks you have laying in your drawer. Each day try a different one on and if you do not like it, get rid of it. (Just like clothes in your closet.) If you have been a long time Stoltz Image client you probably do not have lots of lipsticks. This is a good time for you to start wearing a super moisturizing lipstick to be kind to your lips. Our Lip Sheer line is tinted lip moisturizer. View the different colors on our online store. www.Stoltzimage.comI highly recommend adding our Lip Treatment daily as a lip-gloss too.Blush: This is the most important cosmetic item to help you look healthy. We lose our cheek color at an early age. Brighten up your face with either cream or powder blush. Even use it as a bronzer all over your face (Bouquet Blush is a mosaic blush.)  Let me know if you need a new blush. I can recommend a color for you.Brow: Since many of us were having our brows dyed when we had our hair colored, the brows are getting lighter and lighter now. It is time to start applying a brow cosmetic color. You can use a brow pencil, brow powder, a brow balm or an eye shadow. We have all of these on our online store.
Nail/Pedicure Appointments

We are doing it ourselves so have fun doing it. Numerous of my friends had to give up the Dip or Gel nails and found that their natural nails are really quite nice. Some of us have trouble reaching our toenails so ask a housemate to help. A good friend sent a photo of her husband polishing her toenails. He earned quite a few points. We will definitely be happy when we can be pampered again.

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