Modestly Matte

Modestly Matte

Blue Jean Lipstick

Matte Lipstick

Nothing screams fall more than matte lips. The matte look can be hard to achieve because matte lipstick contains more waxes than oils in order for the lips to appear less shiny. There are two tricks to get that matte finish without having to worry about cracks and dryness. Be sure to be using your Vibranc-C Lip Treatment from Stoltz Image Cosmetics to moisturize, smooth and sooth your lips. If you have a non-matte lipstick that you absolutely love, you can first apply a concealer as a base. Then continuously apply your favorite lipstick and blot with a tissue until you reach your desired matte look. When you are finished applying the color, brush a translucent powder over your lips to finish the look. The second way to get the matte look is to use a matte lipstick. First use an anti-aging eye cream to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. This will also hydrate your lips so you can get a buffed pucker without drying out your lips. Then apply your favorite matte lipstick. Stoltz Image Cosmetics has a newly formulated luxury matte lipstick that will keep your lips moisturized. You no longer have to fear the matte look. Pucker up and you’ll be ready for fall.

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