Michelle Obama visits Fort Worth

Michelle Obama visits Fort Worth

First Lady, Michelle Obama visited a local Olive Garden restaurant in the Fort Worth area last night.

Always trendy, Michelle sported a magenta cardigan and print top.  I wanted to point out a makeup trend she is embracing, the defined brow, which is so in this spring.

Note her defined brow and soft lip gloss. I would love to see a bit more color on her lips in addition to the nude lip gloss.

Michelle ObamaThis spring we are seeing a revival of the defined eyebrow.  This doesn’t mean we won’t continue to shape brows, but we will definitely see a more prominent and thicker brow.  A defined brow accentuates your eyes, which should be the focal point of your face.  The eyes are the “window to your soul” so it’s important to let your eyes sparkle and shine.  This can be achieved by darkening and shaping brow and adding subtle eye shadow.  This spring, follow Michelle’s lead and take a few seconds to define your brows.  Brush on a simple brow tint for extra definition or fill in with a brow pencil that is in harmony with your hair color.

Be beautiful, effortless and stylish.  Pamper yourself, you deserve it!

Photo courtesy of: The Fort Worth Star Telegram


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