Men’s Tailored Suits

Men’s Tailored Suits

Men's fashion suit

The Wall Street Journal, fashion reporter Teri Agins answers questions about the new very fitted style of men’s suits. Link to article: The Wall Street Journal

For the Stoltz Image take on this trend, here’s all the scoop.

Kelly Zinke, of Stoltz Image, comments on this trend. “With the current move towards men and women’s clothing being more tailored and body conscious it is important to make sure your suits fit your body. Men’s suits can look dated instantly when they fit improperly,” Zinke notes. “For men a good, high quality suit makes or breaks a positive first impression. Men today are much more style conscious than in the past. Men want to look good, feel good and quite frankly impress women! Men as well as women need to feel confident and assertive in their clothing. Zinke encourages men to factor in the cost of tailoring into their suit purchase. A single suit that fits perfectly is worth 10 times more than 5 ill-fitting suits.”

2012 is seeing a new slim cut with great attention to details. As fashion reporter, Teri Agins notes in today’s Wall Street Journal article, “don’t settle on the first suit that fits. Try many variations, including top-of-the line suits and tuxedos that may be too rich for your budget.”

Zinke encourages clients to try on various cuts, styles and price points to help you gain a sense of what fits your body shape and train your eye to see the tiny details that spell quality. Before you purchase your next suit do a little research, try on various styles and don’t forget to take it to the tailor for the perfect fit alteration.

One client told Zinke how his shopping experience with her had changed his life. With a new wardrobe, he found the confidence to approach women. Now, he is happy and excited about his new life, boosted confidence and a new and potentially serious relationship.

After all, when you look good you feel good! Make a New Year’s resolution to look and feel your best every single day. Pare down your closet to the clothes you actually wear and donate or resale the rest. Don’t wear clothes you don’t feel good in. You don’t need a closet full of clothes you need a wardrobe of essentials and a few fashion pieces to pull it all together.

The Wall Street Journal

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