Men!! Groom Your Brows!

Men!! Groom Your Brows!

Fashion for men: unibrowJust recently, a friend of Lauren’s contacted her about her husband’s eyebrows.  She said they’re unruly and scraggly, and she doesn’t know what to do about it because he doesn’t want to be a girly-man and groom them.  So, in response, here is my philosophy on men’s brows:

I don’t think the men in our lives would appreciate us girls having disgusting, bushy brows that are all over the place and that we refuse to do anything about, so then how can they expect us to be okay with theirs?  So….tell your men to get to grooming!  Their brows do not need to have an arch like ours do.  They don’t need to be thin like ours are.  BUT, they do NOT need to have random stragglers that are noticeably out of place and unnecessary.

Fashion for men: Groom your unibrowThe fact is, a man’s image is extremely important, especially in the work place.  It’s not just the wives, girlfriends, mothers, and daughters that notice unruly brows; clients and colleagues can, too.  Therefore, please explain to your men that an ill-groomed man is an ill-credited man.  And if he wants to look successful and upstanding, he needs to have nice brows.  Period.  (Keep in mind that this also goes for ear and nose hair.  Just plain get rid of that!)

When your boys check themselves out in mirrors, and we all know they do, point out the stragglers and tell them that it is totally acceptable for a man to remove them.  Men want to be attractive, too, so just explain to them that having unruly brows is gross.  But don’t let them over-groom.  A guy with too-perfect brows is almost as bad as a unibrow!  It’s just not right!



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