Mascara Madness

Mascara Madness

Our clients are always asking us how long is an appropriate amount of time to keep their makeup products.  Mascara, in particular, should be replaced very regularly.  We recommend every three months.  Replacing your mascara will ensure that it does not collect bacteria and that it will always look fabulous and flake-free.

If you haven’t found a great mascara that works for you, we recommend Kiss Me mascara.  Kiss Me is a wonderful new and innovative product from Japan.  The mascara forms tiny tubes around the eyelashes during application.  This ensures that the mascara is 100% flake free.  No more mess under your eyes!  When you are ready to take your mascara off, just rub water on your lashes, and the tubes slide off whole and go straight down your bathroom drain.  Kiss Me is available in both Black and Dark Brown shades for $25.

Call us today for a make-over appointment, and we will help you select all of your fall make-up products.

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