Make More Money

Make More Money

On NBC’s The Today Show last Friday there was a talk that can relate to all of us. Research shows that the more attractive you are, the more money you make. And for women and men the definition of attractiveness varies. For women, attractiveness level depends on how well groomed you are. 

“After checking out the correlation between appearances and income of 14,000 people, they discovered that among young professionals – between 24 and 32 years old – women who put more effort into all of that grooming gained benefits from it in the workplace”. Thus the more effort that you put into your makeup routine, the more money you will make. This truly stresses how important it is for women to seek professional help with hair and makeup. 

Image consultants are perfect for the job. Just as someone wanting to be more successful may seek professional help with public speaking, it is just as important to seek consultation on your overall appearance. Your first impression and how you present yourself is a very large part of your total professional appearance. Our image consultants know that people form their opinions of you in the first 15 seconds of interaction. So we focus on making a positive overall image and developing a positive first impression.  To earn more money you need to take advantage of others expertise and consult a professional. We can’t all be experts at everything. 

Let Stoltz Image Consulting be your adviser on being well groomed. It is very important to seek professional help to learn about a good skin care regimen, great professional makeup and application, and the most flattering hair style and color for you. “If you think applying makeup, carefully styling your hair and selecting the perfect outfit is just too much effort for a typical day at the office, think again. That routine may not be for everyone, but a new study suggests that all of that work pays off – at work – for women.”


Image from NBC’s The Today Show

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