Low Profile Flats

Low Profile Flats

Low Profile flats

The March issue of Allure left us with some delightful, food for thought , as we explore a new look on flats.  This season we are seeing an influx of low, pointy toe flats with everything from closed back to “light and delicate” sling-backs.  What makes this take on flats a little more dressy then it’s simple round-toe cousin?  The pointy toe lengthens the legs and creates a dressier look.  This new take on flats ushers, what is typically thought of as a “comfortable shoe” option,  to new heights as a dressier evening shoe you can actually dance in.  While it certainly shouldn’t take the place of a good pair of calf-lengthening, drop-dead gorgeous heels, a low profile pointy toe flat is definitely an option worth considering.

Image by Bloomingdale’spointy toe flats

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