Love the Skin You Were Given

Love the Skin You Were Given

You do not get a second chance for great skin on your face. It is imperative that you start taking care of it with excellent skin care when you are in your twenties. I know selecting skin care can be confusing. There are so many options to choose from and it is hard to compare. I started reading up on anti-aging ingredients. In addition to moisturizing, most of the experts seem to agree that the three most important anti-aging components are: vitamin C, peptides and retinols.  It is recommended that you incorporate all three in your daily skin care regime.

To simplify the process here are easy steps to follow.


■ Cleanse and tone your face with appropriate products for skin type.

■ Apply Vitamin C cream all over face.

■ Apply a morning eye cream: one with caffeine and brighteners.

■ Apply a daily moisturizer with peptides and sunscreen.

■ Apply Vitamin C and E lip treatment to moisturize and protect the lips.


■ Use eye makeup remover to cleanse skin around the eye. Do not use facial cleanser.

■ Cleanse and tone the face with appropriate products for skin type.

■ Apply retinol cream treatment on face.

■ Apply retinol eye cream treatment around eyes.

■ Wait 10 minutes before applying appropriate night cream for face. This allows the retinol to be absorbed in the skin.

■ Apply peptide eye cream around eyes.

■ Apply Vitamin C and E lip treatment to moisturize lips.

Using this routine allows you to incorporate all three anti-aging ingredients on  a daily basis. Stoltz Image carries excellent skin care products for all skin types: oily, combination, sensitive, normal, dry, and oil depleted. They are high-end quality at reasonable prices.  Shop at the online store or come by our studio to experience the products.

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