Looking Your Best!

Looking Your Best!

Looking Your Best!Who says we only have to look fabulous when going out on an exciting dinner date? Would you like to look your best all day, every single day?! How good would it feel to look amazing when you run to the gym?

If you think looking your BEST is an impossible dream, that only the divas among us can contemplate, think again. Looking your BEST doesn’t mean spending a ton of money on clothes or having a closet full of shoes. Looking your BEST means wearing the colors that accentuate your natural skin tone and selecting outfits that complement your body shape. Looking your BEST means spending your money wisely, knowing you have a few high quality outfits rather than a dozen mismatched items you will never wear. Looking your BEST means going through your closet, discarding outfits that don’t fit and only keeping the ones you feel amazing in.

I want to let you in on a little secret. We all spend too much money on clothes! Let’s work with what we have and make wise decisions on our purchases. If you need some help shopping, to fit your body type, give me a call and we can work to pull your fall wardrobe together. If you don’t like to shop, send a detailed e-mail of your shopping list to image@stoltzimage.com and receive a variety of options for purchase at your convenience.

We can help you look your BEST! Our services range everything from helping you clean and organize your closet to personal shopping, and don’t forget Elaine’s custom color analysis.

Make a plan this fall to only wear your BEST every single day!

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