Lipstick Blues?

Lipstick Blues?

wedding lipstickDoes your lip color always come off before you are finished with your first meeting of the day?  Are you sick and tired of reapplying only to lose all color an hour later? Here are a few trusted tips we have found that make all the difference in the world!


Lip Liner:  You know your love it!!!  Why?!! Because it adds color that will stay on long after your lipstick is gone.  It’s the perfect “10 second step” for lasting color.  Not sure what color you need to go with your lipstick?  We are happy to help you select the perfect shade to flatter you!!!


Foundation:  Wait, I thought we were talking about lip color.. right?!!  Ok, well actually, if you dab just a tiny bit of foundation on your lips before applying your lipstick the color will stay on longer!   You can even use it under a sheer lip gloss to darken the lip gloss a shade and add a little more punch!


Lip Lock:  This clear top-coat is what our clients swear by.  It is almost like a “shellac” for your lips.  Apply this clear coat after your lipstick for color that lasts and lasts and won’t leave a stain on your wine glass!!  The only caveat to this amazing product, is that it is a bit drying, so you want to use this product only on special occasions if your lips tend to be a little on the dry side.


Need a new lip color for summer?  For under $20 you can update your look with a new tube of lipstick!  We guarantee you will be smiling when you leave with a new lip shade for summer.  There’s something quite uplifting about a new lipstick or gloss for summer.  It just makes you feel good!!  Plus we know our lipstick color names will make you smile… Who knows, you just might try a fun color such as: Temptress, Naked Bronze, Peach Daiquiri, Impulse, or Candy Apple.   Come in for your new look today!


-Kelly Zinke


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