The Fashion Trend that Just Won’t Fade

The Fashion Trend that Just Won’t Fade

LeggingsEvery season we usher in a new group of fashion trends.  Sometimes they are flattering and fabulous, while others need to become a distant memory as soon as they hit the runway.  Lately I have noticed that there is one fashion trend that just won’t fade away.  I don’t consider it horrible or unflattering, but I am definitely tired of seeing it.  Do you know the one?  Leggings.

When leggings hit stores several season ago, I bought every pair that I could find: long, short, black, brown, etc.  But now, I have resorted to wearing my last remaining pair while I clean the house.  Think 80’s leggings and a cut off sweatshirt.

I recently began scanning the pre-fall trend alerts in preparation for our Fall Newsletter and Trends, and what do you know, leggings are back again and being paired with skirts, dresses, tunics, and blouses.  The actual shapes and materials are a bit varied: extra long with some sheen.  But, none the less, they are leggings, and they definitely aren’t going away.  So what will I do?  I’m sure I will pull that last living pair of leggings out of the drawer so that they can make at least a couple of fall appearances.  Anything for the sake of fashion, right?

What trend do you wish would fade?

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