Wardrobing Resolution: Part 2

Wardrobing Resolution: Part 2

Creating Outfits for New LooksYou may be thinking, “Tailoring doesn’t really make that big of a difference.” But, this common misconception just isn’t true. When your sleeves are too long or your pants too short, it doesn’t matter that your outfit came directly off the mannequin at Neiman Marcus. A lack of alterations drastically diminishes the value of your clothing. You don’t look polished. Are you a savvy shopper that prefers Steinmart or Kohl’s?  Even more reason to alter your clothing. An item that isn’t expensive can look valuable if it is altered to fit you perfectly.

My tailor has become a great friend. Not only does he keep my ensembles polished, but he is very honest with me. In fact, as a wardrobe consultant and personal shopper, my tailor is one of the only people I can depend on to keep me looking my best. While my clients are looking at me to set a wardrobing example, I am trusting him to make the perfect adjustments to my clothing.

Set a New Year’s Resolution to make those final tailoring adjustments to your clothing, and take your outfits from unpolished to perfected!


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