Wardrobing Resolution: Part 1

Wardrobing Resolution: Part 1

Closet CleanoutOver the course of the past month, you have heard both Elaine and Katie’s New Year’s Resolutions for their clients. They have encouraged you to take better care of your skin and to update your makeup, to name a few. Now it is my turn to urge you to make a small wardrobing change that will up your fashionability rating in a big way: Tailor Your Clothing!

So you have been on a shopping spree, and you are feeling great about your purchases. They look beautiful, they are the perfect colors, and they integrate into your current wardrobe effortlessly. But, have you thought enough about fit? Sure, you can get the pants to button, but what about sleeve and pant length? Or, maybe you need to take up your top at the shoulder seam, and you don’t even know it.

This is the beauty of a tailor (and a personal shopper). My tailor and I work together to address any aspects of an item of clothing that aren’t perfect, and we correct it. I have even been known to drag my clients to the tailor directly after finishing a shopping trip so that their new clothes never see the inside of their closets until they are finalized with tailoring.


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