Lauren’s Tips for Taking Outfits from Drab to Fab!

Lauren’s Tips for Taking Outfits from Drab to Fab!

Animal Print: Leopard OutfitMy clients are always amazed and excited when I create a fashionably fabulous outfit just for them! I hear, “I never would have put that together!” They always want to know if there is a formula for constructing chic ensembles. Here are my rules for coordinating outfits to help you get started on your fall wardrobe. (Refer to the picture on the left as an example.)

  • Begin by selecting a main item of clothing to build your outfit around. (I used my fun leopard print jacket.) You can even build an outfit around a favorite pair of shoes or a handbag.
  • Create a layered look by adding a jacket, cardigan, or camisole for dimension and interest. (I added a black camisole under my jacket.)
  • Always include 1 solid (a non-pattern, like my black skirt and camisole). This will ground your outfit instead of overpowering it with print.
  • Incorporate 1 to 2 patterns into every outfit to create interest. If patterns are not your preference, add a statement necklace or earring to keep your outfit from appearing boring.
  • An outfit should include 2 to 3 main colors. Jewelry, shoes, or a handbag can count as a color (like my gold necklace and bangle).
  • Try to repeat each main color at least once. This will pull your outfit together and make each color seem like it has purpose. (By adding gold shoes, I repeated the gold jewelry.)

Still stuck in an outfit rut? Don’t stress. Everyone has different talents. (Psst. I can’t add!) If you need help, call a Stoltz Image Consultant. Creating outfits is our thing!

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