Lauren’s Painful Shoe Solutions

Lauren’s Painful Shoe Solutions

I love shoes.  High heels, flats, platforms.  I love them all.  There’s only one problem…they can hurt!  For what seems like an eternity, I have been searching for a solution to my shoe problems.  Fortunately, I have found two solutions for two very difficult shoe dilemmas.

Problem #1: Your shoes hurt.  They rub, stick, or slide across painful spots on your feet.

Solution: Dr. Scholl’s for Her Miracle Shield.  The Miracle Shield is an invisible solid that you apply to any spots on your feet that your shoes may rub.  The shield creates a silky layer for your shoes to glide across.  This fabulous product comes in a slim, lipstick-shaped package that you can easily slip into even the smallest clutch or handbag.  I carry mine with me every day.

Problem #2: You found out about the solution to Problem #1 too late, and now you have blisters.

Solution: Don’t despair!  Try Dr. Scholl’s Blister Treatment.  These adhesive bandages not only protect your blisters, but they contain medicine that helps heal your existing blisters more quickly.

Both of these products can be purchased at grocery and discount stores like Target.  With a little help from Dr. Scholl’s, you will be back in all of your favorite shoes, and your feet will look and FEEL fabulous once again!

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