Kelly’s Pick of the Week

Kelly’s Pick of the Week

I need a little spring color to liven up the rainy week we have been having.  It’s been a rather mild winter and I feel like I can’t really get into all my winter sweaters because it is too warm so I’m stuck wearing my fall clothes deep into the winter season.  Hmmm… what to do to brighten my look and tide me over until spring?

Well, I found the perfect suggestion.  What do you think about this fun green coat from Anthroplogie?

Anthropologie Coat

This coat has a perfectly stylish twist with sides that cinch to show off the waist.  Instead of being too boxy this coat flatters and enhances our silhouette.  I like the feminine pleats at the top and the color is muted and yet cheery! Not too heavy and yet not too lightweight.  A good way to transition between seasons.  This is a good choice for body shapes that need to show off your waist, such as the hourglass and contoured rectangle.  Make sure the ties hit you at the correct spot.

Stylish, chic and fun this coat is a great piece to add to your wardrobe for spring!

Ripstop Anorak Coat:

Credits: Anthropologie

Anthropologie Coat:  Kelly's Pick of the Week

Kelly's Pick of the Week: Anthropologie Coat

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