Kelly’s 2011 New Year’s Party Trends!

Kelly’s 2011 New Year’s Party Trends!

With New Year’s Eve parties almost upon us, it’s time to glam it up for 2011!

I hope you enjoy my helpful hints, to help make your outfit sparkle.

  1. New Year's ClockShort dresses: Show off those legs! Weather too cold? You can always throw on some cute opaque tights with spicy heels to glam it up!
  2. Sparkle, pizzazz, shine! These are the top three words for New Year’s 2011. Add extra sparkle to your Eyeshadow… dot on a little extra shimmer. Metallic, shimmery eye shadow is super HOT for New Year’s Parties!
  3. Lots of beading and sequins. Don’t go too overboard though. Make sure you only use one major sequin item in an outfit.
  4. Multi-way dresses: These dresses are fun because you can wear again and with the versatility of this design the dress will look like new.
  5. Shine, Shine, Shine! Pull out your sparkly scarves and gold and silver jewelry.
  6. Don’t want to break the bank on the first day of the New Year? Re-use what you have! Pull out your favorite dress and change it up a bit. Add a different accessory, try on some different heels, basically just mix and match until you have a “new” look! You will be amazed at what is hiding in your closet! Plus you will have the satisfaction of knowing you created a whole new look on your own!
  7. Finally, if it’s a bit chilly, add a blazer to a strapless dress… roll up the sleeves for an extra funky look. You can always take it off if you get too warm at the party but you will look super classy walking in with a strapless dress, heels and a blazer!

Have a safe and happy New Year!

Happy 2011!!!

I found some of my tips from this great site, check it out!

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