This is a little late coming but better late than never, right?!  This spring I traveled to Italy with my daughter, Jennifer.  We had a blast being tourists, taking photographs, eating gelato (which is completely different than the gelato we have here in the United States!) and immersing ourselves in the culture. We toured numerous basilicas, landmarks, cathedrals and museums.  We had the most amazing time!

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One thing I noticed was how well-dressed the Italian people are on a daily basis.  Every Italian I met looked impeccable.  Many of the ladies wore tights and leather boots, and their outfits generally spanned a range of neutrals.  Blacks, brown, greens, creams and greys were the predominate colors. One lady had on lovely chocolate brown leather boots, a slightly lighter brown pair of tights, a chocolate brown skirt and beautiful cream sweater.  She added texture and interest with a neutral scarf in browns and sage greens.  Absolutely lovely!  The men wore pressed corduroy pants or other dark to medium dress pants and often a stylish, fitted dress shirt and sweater.  I don’t believe I saw any casual jeans at all.   In addition everyone wore leather boots or leather shoes. I was struck by the simplicity of their dress.  It was the epitome of classy elegance.

I found it very refreshing and inspiring to see how the women took a simple, monochromatic outfit added texture and interest with a scarf and leather boots and looked fabulous! Quite impressive!

Our travels inspired me in many ways and the simplicity and elegance of the Italians dress was certainly inspiring.  The variety in their neutral selection was fascinating. Everything worked.   The Europeans have very small closets so they have learned how to choose quality over quantity and the importance of mix and matching items to utilize each piece to its full advantage.  Fabulous!


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