Interior Designer for Your Wardrobe

Interior Designer for Your Wardrobe

Pearls and Jewelry“We are not rich enough to buy cheap things,” a sage client once told us.   Take a minute to let this sink in.  These words of wisdom pertain not only to the big purchases we make but also the smaller everyday purchases we make daily.

Think of how you feel when you buy a new house. When we buy a new house one of the first things we want to do is decorate!  We want our home to be beautifully furnished, a reflection of who we are and a welcome haven from the stress of everyday life.  We ponder just how we want to decorate, what furniture we want to furnish our home with and what colors we feel best reflect our personality.   Decorating a house is such a massive project we often elicit the assistance of an interior designer. Interior designers are trained to tailor a space to fit our needs and reflect our personality.   They can bring in those WOW factors that make a space work.

As image consultants we are interior designers for your clothes.  We are the ones who come in and mix and match clothing to make the most out of every single article of clothing, we create those WOW items that take an ordinary outfit to a whole new level.  We relieve closet anxiety and create outfits out of clothing you love to wear so you look polished and put together every day.   Think of us as interior designers for your clothes!

With our training we save you money because we can tell you how to invest in a few key pieces that transform an outfit from ordinary to chic and uniquely yours.  You will never feel bored with your clothes again, because when we help you invest your budget in items that matter.  You don’t need a whole closet full of clothes, rather you need a closet “furnished” with a few key items, a splurge or two and the rest is full of necessary basics that pull everything together. Next, we will guide you on what key items you need each season to pull it all together to give you that WOW factor that makes your clothing exude your personality.  Invest in an image consultant in the same way you would invest in an interior designer.  The result with be fabulous!  Stop wasting money on clothes you don’t wear and learn what key pieces to invest in each season to create a look uniquely yours.  After all we all want to be beautiful, stylish, and effortlessly put together everyday.

Invest in your image, you will LOVE the results!

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