Inspiration from my bath mat….

Inspiration from my bath mat….

Well, you never know where you just might find inspiration…. Yesterday I was inspired by my bath mat!  What??  Yes, you heard me… my multicolored, chic bath mat inspired me in the creation of an outfit… I had this crush on some coral corduroy pants I saw at J.Crew and I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to pair them with…. hmmmm…… As I was thumbing through a J.Crew catalog, while relaxing in my bubble bath, my gaze traveled to my bath mat.. hmmm…  Here’s a picture so you can see what I saw!

bath mat

Wow!  Look at the coral and purples paired together.  Suddenly my purple sweater would love fabulous with the coral cord pants I had been eying.   Fantastic!  I love the gradient colors in this rug…. the shades of purple, grey, coral and reds all come together so perfectly.  In fact, I had just come up with a lovely new outfit using colors inspired by objects around me.  So look around you and notice the different color combinations.  You just might come up with some new ideas yourself!  Be inspired to be beautiful, stylish and effortless!

Ciao until next time!


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