In Studio Special of the Week!

In Studio Special of the Week!

Pro Lip Primer, SPF 15 is the newest in studio special of the week.  Originally $18, Pro Lip Primer is now only $14.50.  Pro Lip Primer is the latest and greatest in technology for your lips.  With three different benefits there is a reason for everyone to try it!

Benefit #1) Pro Lip Primer creates a base for lip color to adhere to.  That means your lipstick, gloss, etc. won’t wear off as quickly.

Benefit #2) Pro Lip Primer seals fine lines and plumps the lip, giving you a smooth look that is both polished and youthful.

Benefit #3) Pro Lip Primer shields the lips from sun damage (SPF 15) and other environmental factors.  There so much to love about Pro Lip Primer!

Offer expires February 20th, 2009.  (You must stop by or call the studio to receive this offer).

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