How Well Do You See Color ?

How Well Do You See Color ?

We each have our own talents, but have you ever thought that maybe you have an ability that you never knew you possessed? We receive abilities from our parents through the DNA. Either you have rhythm, or you don’t. Either you have directional abilities to know where you are, or you are directional challenged. Either you have high color discrimination, or you don’t.

The ability to see color is a talent that some people don’t even know they have. I was one of these people, until a color aptitude test opened my eyes to a hidden talent. My ability to identify and distinguish the fine nuances of hues from one another is what made me launch my image business. I found out I have high visual acuity: three-dimensional perception, design, and memory of design, in addition to color discrimination.

I remember my interior designer who was helping me with my house would say: “Don’t be so matchy-matchy.” I was seeing the nuances of the colors too well. She would say: “The colors are very similar.” But I thought they should be a perfect match even though the two items were not right next to each other.

Now I am saying the same thing to my clients. I love helping others who have a hard time seeing color.  But two pieces in an outfit do not have to be a perfect match, so long as they are very similar and from ten feet away they appear to blend into the same color. For example: I am wearing a print jacket and this morning tried to find a solid top to wear underneath it. I knew it did not have to perfectly match one of the colors in the print, if a few feet away it looked like one of the colors. That gave me more choices for my top.

I always tell my client when she receives the color fan: “Do not try to perfectly match the color fabrics on the fan. If a color is in harmony and balance with the color fan, then it is a great color to wear.”

Do you see color well? Want to find out? Click the link below to take a Munsell Hue Test online and find out your color discrimination ability score. Make sure to read all the way through your test results to see how you rank among your age group and which hues you have the most trouble identifying.

If your score indicates that color is not your strength, I highly recommend having a custom color analysis with me! Knowing which colors look best on you and having a color palette will take the struggle out of shopping and getting dressed. Clients can take their color fan shopping and ask a salesperson to assist them in find clothing that is in harmony and balance with the colors on the fan.

Click here to visit our services page and learn more about personalized color analysis and to watch a video of me performing one on a client!

Click here for the COLOR TEST. I would love to hear your score.

Elaine Stoltz

Certified Image Master Image Consultant

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