Shadow Magnet Success

Shadow Magnet Success

It is time for a check-up for those of you that are using Shadow Magnet, one of our favorite eye concealors.  Did you know that Shadow Magnet (either in Light or Natural colors) should be applied both under the eye and on the eyelid so that it acts as both an eye concealor and an eyeshadow base.

Shadow Magnet is also part one of a two step process?  If you are using Shadow Magnet, are you addressing step number two?  If not, it is time to change your ways so that you can get the most coverage out of your concealor.

Here is a breakdown of Shadow Magnet steps one and two: After applying Shadow Magnet both under the eye and on the eyelid, apply a MATTE shadow on top of your Shadow Magnet product (EVERYWHERE that you put Shadow Magnet).  (Many of our clients love 201 Toast, a neutral, light, matte shadow).  Here are some great reasons to start using 201 Toast, or one of our other matte shadows:

  • The matte shadow will hold your Shadow Magnet in place all day long.  You will always have great eye concealor coverage, and that means no more tired looking eyes!
  • Your Shadow Magnet will also appear less shinny when you apply a matte shadow on top of it.  This will eliminate those pesky raccoon eyes.
  • The matte shadow creates a wonderful base for your other eye shadows so that they do not sink into your Shadow Magnet and disappear throughout the day.

Stop by the studio today to try out a matte shadow, or give us a call if you have any questions on how to get the most out of your eye concealor.

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