How to Lighten up for Summer!!!

How to Lighten up for Summer!!!

How to lighten up for summer!

Packing Light

Between Mother’s Day, end of the school year events, graduations and weddings May is always a very busy month!  It’s the perfect month to transition into a lighter summer look!  Look at your color palette and take a second look at your lighter colors.  Summer is the perfect time to bring in your lighter colors and have fun mixing with some of your medium dark colors.

For instance, balance a soft peach, with a medium brown or teal.  If your colors tend to be cooler and land more on the pink side, it’s time to mix in a subtle grey or baby blue to bring balance to your soft pinks.  Deepen either look with a navy, grey or chocolate brown shoe.

Play around with your clothes and come up with new and exciting combinations.  Be on the lookout for styles and outfits you admire on Pinterest or a magazine such as InStyle and create your own take on a style you admire.

InStyle had some fun color combinations in their April issue.  We especially liked:


For our warmer clients: Mint Blue, Forest or Olive Green and Taupe

Baby Blue, Chestnut Brown, and Navy


For our cooler and neutral clients: Mint Blue, Blush Pink and Twilight Blue

Baby Blue, Grey and Navy

Personal Shopper Training

Carrie Underwood

Ectetera Spring 2013

Seersucker J.Crewpink top with jeansblue eyelet top

What fun color combinations can you come up with this season?  It’s time to lighten up for summer!


J.Crew, InStyle, CMA Music Festival, Project Runway, Talbots

-Kelly Zinke

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