Hillary Clinton’s Outfit for her Acceptance Speech

Hillary Clinton’s Outfit for her Acceptance Speech


HIllary and Chelsea Clinton

 An Image Consultant’s non-political endorsement – 

Since I am a color expert I was curious to see what color Hillary would wear for her acceptance speech. If I remembered correctly, Donald Trump had worn the traditional presidential red tie for his acceptance speech the previous week. Hillary had worn a beautiful blue outfit the night before her Thursday night speech so I assumed that she would wear the presidential red exuding patriotism and power. Before her speech I was watching the video of her life and my eye caught her in a soft white outfit. I immediately thought – Wow! She looks fabulous.

Then Chelsea came out on the stage in red and I had to rethink the color Hillary would wear. She definitely would not wear the same color as her daughter. If she was not going to repeat blue or wear red, then to be patriotic she must wear white.

Sure enough, Hillary entered the stage in a gorgeous soft white suit that illuminated on her. It was the perfect color. In such a huge room and stage she wanted everyone’s eyes to focus her. White is the brightest color so you definitely saw her. The soft white was in perfect harmony with her hair and skin tone. Her outfit did not overpower her allowing your eyes to focus on her face.

Whoever advised her on her outfit – job well done!

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