Hair Tips

Hair Tips

1.  Sleep on a satin or silk pillow.  Your hair will stay soft and smooth while you sleep.

2. It really does help to brush your hair 50 strokes daily.   This helps stimulate the oil in your hair and keeps it shiny.

3. Change your pillow at least every 4- 6 months months.  My hairstylist gave me this great tip.  The reason is that if you fall asleep with your hair wet then fungus can actually grow on your pillow and this will actually prevent your hair from being as shiny as usual.  I know this is gross but it is good information to know!

4. Use an ultra thick conditioner at least once a week. Be sure to keep it on your hair for 5-10 minutes for best results.

5. Doing gentle stretches like touching your toes and letting the blood flow to your scalp can help hair stay healthy too.

hair tips


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