Grownup Fashion for Spring

Grownup Fashion for Spring

I’ll be the first to admit that after researching the 2018 Spring/Summer trends, a lot of it looked more like costumes or like fashion that only young people would try. If you viewed any of the runway shows online, it would be easy to find them intimidating or make you want to give up on fashion all together. But using my style eyes and with you in mind, I really did see pieces that grownup women could wear with confidence.

Photos taken from WGSN.

Adding a few new things to one’s wardrobe can really make one feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I’d like you to have that experience. That’s why I’ve created this list of what to avoid—the clownish or juvenile looks—and what to try—the pieces better suited for the mature woman.


Navigating Spring Fashion Trends

What not to choose: The large logo branded shirt

What to choose instead: The smart looking tailored or creatively cut white shirt

Photo taken from Burberry.

What not to choose: The multi-multi-layered look, i.e. dress over blouse over pant plus a jacket

What to choose instead: Two layers or a one-piece like a caftan or jumpsuit


What not to choose: Layered multi chokers

What to choose instead: Layered pearl necklaces

Photo taken from Pinterest.

What not to choose: Oversized multi-patterned and multi-colored pantsuit

What to choose instead: Solid colored, fitted pantsuit


What not to choose: The corset belt

What to choose instead: Skinny leather belt or multi skinny belts intertwined

Photo taken from WGSN.

What not to choose: The plastic boots

What to choose instead: A lace-up bootie


What not to choose: Socks with heeled sandals

What to choose instead: Oxfords, wrapped flat sandals, or sneakers


What not to choose: Belt purse or the double purse

What to choose instead: Large tote

Photos taken from Neiman Marcus.

What not to choose: Cartoon prints

What to choose instead: Floral prints, large or small


What not to choose: A slip dress

What to choose instead: A shirtdress


What not to choose: The turban hat

What to choose instead: Straw floppy hat with sun protection


What not to choose: Heart shaped framed sunglasses

What to choose instead: Aviator sunglasses


What not to choose: Splatter paint denim

What to choose instead: Dark denim


What not to choose: Nightgown dress

What to choose instead: Sheath or wrap dress


What not to choose: See-through plastic garments

What to choose instead: Garments made from silk, linen, cotton, or blends


Does this still seem challenging? Trust me, there is great fashion that will suit you perfectly and raise your spirits and confidence. I’d love to help you find it! Call the studio and set up and appointment and I’d be happy to help you find what styles work best for you!

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