Golden Globes Fashion

Golden Globes Fashion

All eyes were on the stars at the Golden Globes this year.  It’s always fun to see what celebrities are wearing.  What did you think?  Do you have any favorites or any outfits you felt missed the mark just a bit?

Well the Fort Worth Star Telegram had a wonderful style synopsis of “the best-dressed and the rest.” We like how they carefully worded this, instead of best and worst dressed a kind and gentle way to not put anyone down is simply to say, “the rest”!

Ok, so for our take on the looks.

We loved the rich color of Tina Fey’s evening gown.  Not only is this a fabulous color on her but the style of the dress fits her body well and accentuates her curves.  With soft wavy curls to complete the look her understated elegance was a beautiful highlight of the evening.  Ruffles cascading down her dress added to her ultra feminine look and luxurious glamor.

Golden Globes Fashion

Golden Globes Fashion, Tina Fey

With a dramatic patterned dress that hugged her curvy frame and brought out her luxurious brown tresses Salma Hayek looked sexy and super dramatic!  Her long geometric earrings and painted nails added the perfect finishing touch.


Golden Globes Fashion, Salma Hayek

Golden Globes Fashion, Salma Hayek

 These ladies are definitely know how to dress in styles that work with their body shape and accentuate their best features.


Never one to shy away from color, host Ricky Gervais mixed black and burgundy a refreshing take on a traditional black and white suit.

Golden Globes Fashion

While Piper Perabo’s gown reminded us of a fairy tale princess we were not completely enamored.  The color choice simply did not flatter her skin tone.    We would have loved to see her in a soft hue in a deeper color.

Golden Globes Fashion, Fashion 2012

Julianna Margulies

Julianna Margulies picked the perfect shade for her skin tone but fell short on the overall look. Unfortunately we felt like she was covering too much skin and the neckline was not flattering to her face shape.  The teal earrings added a fun touch but the overall look feel short of what the beautiful Julianna could have easily pulled off.  The dress could have been stunning  with a plunging neckline.


Finally we noticed a few headbands in the mix.  Adding a little playful fashion.  I’m not sure headbands exemplify runway fashion but these ladies did a great job making the look dressy and chic.

Unfortunately Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dress distracted from her beauty.  To be truly beautiful one’s beauty must be a reflection of one’s self, not a dress that screams out to be heard!  We want people to look at us and wonder what is it about us that makes us so beautiful!!???  Not , “Wow what an amazing dress!”  Rather, “wow, what an amazingly beautiful woman or stunningly handsome man.”  Make sure you speak first not your outfit.

Golden Globes Fashion, Spring 2012 Fashion

Golden Globes

Golden Globes fashion

Golden Globes Fashion, Fashion 2012

Piper Perabo


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