Get your skin in shape for spring break!

Get your skin in shape for spring break!

Spring break is just around the corner!

Moisturize Your Skin!

It’s time to get your skin in shape for the beach.

We are still a few weeks out so you have plenty of time to revive and nourish your skin in preparation for warmer climates.

While I love a super hot bath or shower, I have found it isn’t the best way to take care of your skin; it can actually dehydrate your skin.  Therefore it is important to add extra moisture to your skin in the dry winter months.

First, make sure you are exfoliating your skin once a week.  I like to use our Micro-Derm Cleanser as it has very gentle scrubbing bubbles that gently exfoliate, removing dead skin and giving your skin a soft, fresh glow.  If you are going to a beach location over spring break and plan on getting a bit of a tan I would actually recommend exfoliating 2-3 times a week to prepare skin for even tanning.  If you are going to use a spray tan or add color to your skin with a self tanning lotion or color depositing lotion it is especially important to exfoliate skin so your color looks even.

For an all over exfoliating scrub I would suggest mixing equal amounts of sugar and olive oil to form a paste. Turbinado sugar works well, as it has a very grain-like texture.  Use this homemade scrub all over your body but not on your face.

Always, follow your facial cleanser with a toner.  A toner is important for all skin types because it helps balance the pH factor of the skin.  This way skin is neither too oily or too dry and it will soak up moisturizers much more readily.

Next, make sure to use extra moisturizers.  In the winter we need a slightly heavier moisturizer because the weather can be a bit more dry.  Make sure you adjust your body and face moisturizers to compensate for winter weather.  Always apply body lotion all over body after your bath, paying special attention to extra dry spots such as feet, elbow and knees.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water!  Drinking enough water will make all the difference in the world to the look of your skin.  Nourish it from the inside out!

Make sure the moisturizer for your face includes a good level of sunscreen.  You want a spf of 15 or higher!  It is so much easier to prevent wrinkles before they start than to fight wrinkles later!

For a little added glow I love to sweep a little blush lightly over the forehead and nose.  Just think about where the sun “kisses” your skin and apply a little extra color in these places.   You can also use a little bronzer in the same manner.  Just don’t make the mistake of dusting bronzer ALL over the face, keep it light and only sweep over cheeks, nose and forehead.  This will give you the most natural look.

Plan now to prep skin for spring break vacations.  You will be so happy with the results!






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