Gaining or Losing Weight During Stay-at-Home?

Gaining or Losing Weight During Stay-at-Home?

A Reality Check

I unfortunately got on my scales the other day and was shocked that I had gained weight staying at home. The problem is the kitchen is too close to where I am working now. When I went to the studio everyday I took my lunch and only had a limited amount of food to eat. Also, I kept busy and did not have time to think about food.

Last week I was planning on writing about how I was still exercising. I use to play tennis once or twice a week and golf a couple times a month. Staying at home, the hands-held weights came out of my closet, I started doing sit-ups that I had not done in 20 years and I walked much further than before. I hate to think what I would have gained if I had not started those exercises.

The comfort food was delicious and I craved it and loved it.  But now I am paying for it. When I tried on some zip-up pants and could not zip them up it was a wakeup call too.

My recommendation is “Start Moving and Eating a Healthy Diet.” I do not want to buy a new wardrobe so I’m going back to my low carb diet that I have done for 15 years. – No more croissants, cinnamon buns, potato chips – or at least only once in a while.

As an Image consultant I think that the health of our body is super important to your total image. Exercise and healthy eating is a huge component of that. Take the extra time you have staying at home and do a reality check on yourself. Are you exercising enough to burn up the calories that you are eating. Eating healthy foods can be almost as delicious. It takes a lot of self-control and will power but your health deserves it.


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