Flaring Up

Flaring Up

Anyone can look up flare jeans/pants on Pinterest but who can tell you how to wear them affectively? I can! Depending on your body type and height, there are different things you can do to make a gorgeous flare pant outfit work for you. If you’re short and think “oh no!” when someone brings up flare jeans, don’t worry. All you need to do is to slim your torso by having a top that minimizes and simplifies the overall outfit. I would suggest a tucked-in tank, contoured blouse, or a casual t-shirt. Add a cute cross-body bag to accentuate the length you’re giving your legs with a flare pant outfit. If you’re a taller gal, you’re in luck! The bell-bottom style pants elongate and accentuate the body in a way that flatters your height so it’s perfect for the everyday amazon. You’re able to pull off things like sweaters and shapely jackets with flares because you have the height to compensate for the long, flare legs.

Flares are the ultimate hourglass illusion garnet out there other than Spanx. If you want to accentuate more of your height when wearing flares, I’d recommend platform heels for a more retro look, pointed-toe heels or heels in general for taller women who want that extra oomph, flats for a more casual look, booties for the winter, or sandals with straps for the spring time!

We’re so glad that this trend is coming back. It seems like flare pants are only for those that are in their 20s but that is not the case. You can minimize the flare to just a wide-legged pant if it makes you more comfortable or dress it up to wear to work or even dress it down to wear to the grocery store, but don’t knock it until you try it!

Photos from Pinterest.

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