Fashionable Face or Just Fashion?

Fashionable Face or Just Fashion?

Every year when the fashion forecasting articles being to surface, Lauren and I get very excited to see the new trends for the season.  We scan the magazines looking for fashion and makeup ideas.  But, we have noticed that even though the clothing changes from season to season, one trend will not go away.  Nude makeup colors.

Clients come into the studio asking for nude lips, bronzer instead of blush, and black smoky eye makeup.  The problem with this style of makeup is that it is not actually meant to be a trend.  Yes, we see it on all of the models while they walk down the runway, but there is a secret behind this look, and it isn’t so flattering.

Have you noticed that models are getting plainer, blonder, and skinnier?  This is because fashion designers do not want the focus to be on the models at all.  Instead, they want us to be looking at their clothing.  The models wear nude lipstick and bronzer so that their faces will not show up on the runway or in pictures.  Their hair is bleached out or slicked back so that it fades into the background, and their eye makeup is black so that you cannot see their pretty eye color.  Our eyes cannot focus in on the faces of these models because there is nothing interesting about their faces once they are runway ready.  Therefore, we focus on the clothing, which is exactly what the designers intended.

Do you want your face to blend into the background, or do you want to look as beautiful as your clothing.  Make sure that you wear makeup colors that will highlight your best features.  If you need help in determining what makeup colors to wear, contact the studio to make an appointment with a Stoltz Image Makeup Artist.  We will help you look beautiful!

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